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Beer of Neighbor Nate

Our good friend Patrick over at the new Jack Pine Brewery in Baxter was kind enough to supply Neighbor Nate with the growler and beer used in Episode 6.  Jack … Continue reading

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Produciton Update

We filmed a new Production Update about Season 1.  Check it out and share it with your friends!

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Featured on Flash Your Shorts

This weekend, Neighbor Nate is featured on with Episode 1 uploaded today and Episode 2 going up tomorrow.  Be sure to check it out and leave a like and/or … Continue reading

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Featured again on LTD-Release

Our friend Damien wrote another article about Neighbor Nate on his website limited-release.  Be sure to check it out here!

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Episode 2 now online!

Episode 2 is now available for online viewing!  If you like it please share and rate!

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Trivia Question

  Want a chance to see Episode 2 a day early?  Respond to this trivia question and you will be emailed a link to watch Episode 2 – Laundry Lady. … Continue reading

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Episode 2 Score

I’ve returned from my training in Texas and found in my dropbox the score for Episode 2.  All Episode 2 needs is some color correction and then it will be … Continue reading

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Neighbor Nate gets called out in Episode 2

  Here is a screen-cap of Episode 2 – Laundry Lady where Nate gets called out by Matthew about the infamous thong from Episode 1. Episode 2 is 6 minutes … Continue reading

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Status Update

Well, we didn’t hit our Kickstarter goal, but never fear, we are still going to continue with Season 1 of Neighbor Nate. Episode 2 is 60% done, and we will … Continue reading

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Hours, Not Days

Kickstarter started measuring the time left on our campaign in hours instead of days. It’s crunch time everyone! Please help by either contributing or sharing our project, or both.

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Making The Music – Part 1

The first of a multi-part “Making The Music” of Neighbor Nate series can be found in the Updates secion on our Kickstarter page. Learn about some of the behind-the-scenes music creation … Continue reading

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Episode 1 of Neighbor Nate

Check it out! More information on the Episode 1 page.

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Episode 1 Releases Tomorrow!!!

Stay tuned because tomorrow we are releasing Episode 1 of Neighbor Nate to the world!

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Neighbor Nate on Limited Release

Hey everyone, our good friend Damien watched episode 1 of Neighbor Nate and was kind enough to give us a write up on his website.  Be sure to check it … Continue reading

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