Hannah Cooper, who plays Samantha in Episode 1, 5, and 11, and Tuula, script supervisor on aforementioned episodes, are undertaking a new project/challenge.

From their blog:

We’re leaving in December 2012 from the Oregon coast. We’ll travel five months, across the southern half of the US, and arrive in Boston, Massachusetts. From there we take the train back home. We’ll carry only what fits in the two bags on the back of our bikes. We’ll stay along the way with farmers, who will make it possible for us to follow a 100-mile diet as we traverse the continent. These farms will be our mileposts, from the citrus groves of California to the peanut plantations of the south. Along the way, we’ll write and blog about our experience, we’ll talk to as many people as we can, and do what we can to draw attention to this small act of defiance.

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