Nate and Sarah have left the apartment building in search of Matthew in Episode 3 – M.I.A.

This is the first episode of the season that isn’t filmed entirely in the apartment complex.  It was really fun to shoot, as it also was the first time I’ve done a car shoot.  Kevin Yeager manned the camera for this shot and the sunlight filtering through the trees looks amazing on film.  How did we manage to shoot inside a moving vehicle?

This is the camera rig I built out of PVC.  It’s been touched up with some sanding, paint, and hockey tape.  We used it to film about 90% of Episode 3.  The camera had a shotgun mic mounted on it’s shoe via a shockmount.  I tweaked the plans from The Frugal Filmmaker and added my own flair. This design is far superior and more versatile than the old steadicam I was using.