Neighbor Nate

A Comedy Webseries


Nate Phillipps

Nate as Nate
Nate Phillipps as Nate Fields

Nate Phillipps’ film interest began at Grantsburg High School in Grantsburg, WI.  He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Film & Video Studies.

After graduating Nate worked at a local TV station in Woodward, OK as an editor.  When the economy went south, Nate went north.  Nate currently resides in Hopkins, MN with his wife.


Kevin Yeager

Kevin-Matthew2 LoRes
Kevin Yeager as Matthew Kelly

The bi-pedal humanoid life form known as Kevin Yeager accumulates currency by designing dwellings for other humanoid forms.  When not found in front of a camera or on stage, he spends his time with his four offspring and attractive female human companion.  In the near future Kevin hopes to establish a nuclear powered bio-based human breeding colony on the moon Europa, or take up pottery.


Sarah Phillipps

Sarah Phillipps as Sarah Hanson
Sarah Phillipps as Sarah Hanson

Sarah is an extremely creative person. She has been in the performing arts since she was in Elementary School and continues to entertain the community when she has the time. Sarah enjoys making jewelry, painting and taking picture


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