Neighbor Nate

A Comedy Webseries

Season One

Ep 01: Neighbor Nate

Nate moves into a new apartment and while unpacking, meets some of his new neighbors.  He realizes that not only do his neighbors have to adjust to his sense of humor, but he may need to adjust to their oddities as well.


Ep 02: Laundry Lady

Nate meets another neighbor, this time in the laundry room.  He is further surprised when she comes to his door with a request.


Ep 03: M.I.A.

Matthew isn’t so much missing in action as he is lost in the line of duty.  Nate and Sarah come to the rescue.


Ep 04: The Drug Deal

When a druggie shows up on Nate’s patio asking for his usual drug dealer, Matthew and Nate come up with an elaborate plan to make sure he doesn’t come back.


Ep 05: Loud Girlfriend

While Matthew is busy entertaining a female guest, Nate and Sarah try to bond despite all the noise from next door.


Ep 06: Secret Knock

Matthew becomes paranoid after a visit from a solicitor and works to devise a secret knock.  Meanwhile, Nate gets the wrong end of trying to mediate Sarah and Matthew’s bickering.


Ep 07: New Management

Matthew learns that the apartment complex is coming under new management, which means some changes for his personal life as well.


Ep 08: The Bar Pick-Up

Nate plays along with Matthew’s plan to find women out at the bar, however their outing nets them more than they bargained for.


Ep 09: The Party

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